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2020 Children's Film Festival
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Festival films from 12 years old
3 films with a total duration of 21 minutes.

Pedro Ivo Carvalho, Denmark, © The Animation Workshop
Watch the film : Vagabond
A homeless man lives alone with his dog in a strange futuristic city.
7 min 25 s
Film 1 : Vagabond
    A dystopian science fiction universe.
E.Rogova & Z.Pavlenho, USA, © Amix Film Studio
Watch the film à partir de 6 ans : Appearance and Reality
A short story about the feelings shown and hidden.
4 min 37 s
Film 2 : Appearance and Reality
    Appearances are often not what they seem.
Frodo Kuipers, Belgium, © Frodo Kuipers
Watch the film : Antipoden
Everything was going well until the day a new resident arrived.
8 min 54 s
Film 3 : Antipoden
    Learn to live together.

The festival partner UNODC offers as part of the “Education for Justice” initiative a series of videos accompanied by educational guides to better understand the subjects related to the rule of law with students. Discover the UNODC videos...
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