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About Takorama & Partners

Presentation of the Festival

Origin of the International festival Takorama

Films pour enfants
On the initiative of the French School of Florence, within the framework of COVID-19 in 2020, the International Non-Profit Organization Films for children proposed, in the form of a festival for primary and secondary school teachers and their students, short films accompanied by educational activities.
An international festival exploring the theme of humanism and ecology, entirely free of charge and without advertising, with the aim of enabling children to stay in contact and pursue schooling activities at home.
All students were encouraged to give their opinion and vote for their favorite short film.
Feedback from teachers and children has been extremely encouraging; 35 countries, 1,200 classes, 280,000 students participated in 2020.
We have therefore decided to renew the festival in 2021.

Objective of the international Film Festival Takorama

An international festival exploring the theme of "solidarity".
During the festival, the children are invited to vote for their favorite short film but also to participate in educational activities.
Beyond the cinematographic and artistic education, the festival aims to assert the educational dimension of cinema by positioning it at the side of literature and painting as a resource liable to accompany and support the teachers as a whole and to allow the children to perceive animated images not only as an entertainment but also as a communication tool.

Operation of the international Film Festival Takorama

The festival takes place every years from March 1 to June 25.
It is completely free and is open to teachers from all over the world and their students between 3 and 18 years old.
Teachers register their class and receive by email the educational activities they can give to their students after watching the movies.
Students vote for their favorite film and award the children's prize.
Parents can also register their children directly.

Selection of films

A grid of selection to decide of the adequacy between content and age of the children has been elaborated in collaboration with the NPO 3-6-9-12 as well as Serge Tisseron, sponsor of the NPO Films for children. A preselection of 40 films out of 300 was carried out by the NPO Films for children.
A selection committee made up of members of the partners made a final selection organized into 5 age categories made up of 3 films each.
The members of the committee are:
- Olivier Defaye (Films for Children, France)
- Liana Vila Nova (Films for Children, Brazil)
- Géraldine Baché (CITIA)
- Charline Thenot (CITIA)
- Serge Tisseron (3-6-9-12)
- Sonia Winter (3-6-9-12)
- Alexandra Fernandes (ONUDC)
- Marion Ehalt (ONUDC)
- Alexandre Le Voci Sayad (UNESCO MIL Alliance)
- Samuel Baluret (Réseau Canopé)

A festival in 20 languages

The festival, aimed at children around the world and especially children in developing countries, is in 20 languages.
Download the poster of the festival in the respective languages:
English - French - Chinese - Japanese - Hebrew - Spanish - Italian - Greek - Portuguese - German - Russian - Ukrainian - Czech - Slovenian - Arabic - Hindi - Bengali - Swahili - Indonesian.

Partners of the International Takorama festival


Official website of UNESCO
The festival Takorama, organized by the NPO Films for children, under the patronage of UNESCO, develops its educational activity by and through animated images with the main goal of offering, in an educational context, a free access to short films to children all over the world.


Education for justice, UNODC
The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, a component of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)’s Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration, aims at empowering the next generation to become socially responsible global citizens with a sound moral and ethical compass who are prepared to tackle the world’s challenges related to the rule of law. It seeks to promote a culture of lawfulness, help educators teach on rule of law issues and encourage students to actively engage in their communities and future professions in this regard. To achieve these objectives, different age-appropriate educational tools and activities for the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels have been developed by E4J together with partners. At the primary level (children aged from 6 to 12 years), the educational materials and tools provided by E4J are aimed at equipping children with skills such as conflict resolution, critical thinking, empathy and teamwork, and promoting and teaching values such as acceptance, fairness, integrity and respect. At the secondary education level (13 to 18-year old students), E4J has created interactive pedagogical resources such as educational videos accompanied by guides for teachers. Through these materials, E4J empowers students with knowledge and skills about the rule of law issues that surround them, enabling them to promote the rule of law in their communities.
The resources and learning provided by the E4J initiative are contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular Goals 4, 5, 10 and 16.
UNODC participated in the selection committee of short films for the Takorama 2021 festival.


The UNESCO MIL Alliance, formerly known as Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), is a groundbreaking effort to promote international cooperation to ensure that all citizens have access to media and information competencies.
This pioneering initiative was launched in 2013 and aims to articulate concrete partnerships to drive MIL development and impact globally, enabling the MIL community to speak as one voice
“Films for Children” is a UNESCO MIL Alliance member.
UNESCO MIL Alliance participated in the selection committee of short films for the Takorama 2021 festival.

Réseau Canopé

Official website of Réseau Canopé
Réseau Canopé is a French public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education. It is the editorial arm of the National Education service, and as such it ensures the editing, production and distribution of educational resources. It contributes to the development of information and communication technologies in education as well as in artistic and cultural education.
Réseau Canopé participated in the selection committee of short films for the Takorama 2021 festival.

Institut français

Official website of the Institut français
The Institut Français is a French public industrial and commercial organization started by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for promoting French speaking world as well as local cultures around the world.
In this context, the French Institute encourages the Takorama 2021 festival and communicates our action throughout the world.


Official website of 3-6-9-12
The NPO 3-6-9-12, created by Serge Tisseron, is a group of field practitioners, researchers and university students, that wish to participate to a mission with the aim of educating the public in the domain of screens and digital tools by relying on the tags 3-6-9-12 imagined by Serge Tisseron.
Serge Tisseron, psychiatrist, doctor in psychology and member of the Academy of Technologies, is the author of several essays on the relations that we establish with images and the impacts of new technologies on the development of children.
Serge Tisseron is also sponsor of the NPO “Films for children”.
3-6-9-12 participated in the selection committee of short films for the Takorama 2021 festival.


Official website of CITIA
CITIA, Cité de l'image en mouvement d'Annecy, organizes the International Animation Film Festival and the Mifa.
As part of a partnership, the selection of the Takorama 2021 festival includes many short films previously selected at the Annecy festival.
CITIA participated in the selection committee of short films for the Takorama 2021 festival.


Official website of the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication
The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) is a legal entity operating under private law, supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance of Greece. The mission of EKOME is the protection, support and promotion of public and private initiatives, domestic and foreign, in the field of audiovisual media and communication in Greece.
Within its 3rd pillar, Educate (, EKOME places an emphasis on Media and Information Literacy, developing actions and policies to empower users in all forms of expression and engagement in the digital environment towards a competitive creative industry and knowledge society. In this context, EKOME coordinates UNESCO MIL Alliance Mediterranean Group where TAKORAMA Festival is also member.
As part of this partnership, EKOME reviewed and translated the festival's web pages and pedagogical activities in Greek and worked on the communication and promotion of the festival in Greece.
Link: Contact:


Official website of NEMOLCHI
The NEMOLCHI is an independent information project against violence in Uzbekistan and informs about anonymous readers' stories, cases of violence, news and statistics. These stories aim to inspire others to get out of the circle of violence.
Someone after reading it will see that they are not alone in such a situation. Maybe people will see how they can and should act against violence.
As part of this partnership, NEMOLCHI, NEMOLCHI ensures the communication and promotion of the festival in Uzbekistan.


Official website of NexSchools
The NexSchools is a private entity working with one mission to make awesome education and parenting. NexSchools vision for education is to look beyond academic achievements to build a positive community with a strong ethos.
NexSchools supports, advocates and promotes social causes both in India and globally, public or private that creates an environment of happiness, media and information literacy, online safety, or supporting Sustainable Development Goals. Make Happier & Safer Internet Experiences - the campaign for Cyber Safety Awareness by NexSchools is a holistic and pragmatic approach for tacking online safety challenges in schools. To achieve this objective, age-specific educational resources with certificate courses and books (primary and secondary education) are developed for positive and responsible Internet use. The goal is to prepare a new generation of learners equipped for the future digital media literacy skills as per guidelines provided in UNESCO Media and Information Literacy framework.
As a part of the partnership with TAKORAMA Festival, NexSchools happily ensures the communication and promotion of the film festival in India.
Link:  Contact:

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science

Official website of Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science
The Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science established in 2018 is an institution that was born out of a rich legacy, strong vision and great commitment of Sakthi Group of Companies. The magnificent campus and the edifice, enormous reputation, robust departments and more emerged from the Founding Fathers and the dynamic vision of the Founder Chairman, Dr.N.Mahalingam, a visionary educationist.
KCLAS is part of the Kumaraguru Institutions – Kumaraguru College of Technology, KCT Business School and Kumararguru Institute of Agriculture – have exemplified the inter-disciplinary approach. As an institution dedicated to learning, KCLAS invests in intellectual vitality and engage with stakeholders to make a difference locally and nationally. The contribution of KCLAS to this shared effort is the unique knowledge, transformative approach and skills generated by KCLAS's core activities of education and research.
KCLAS is rooted in the cosmopolitan city of Coimbatore in Tamilnadu which is traditional, resilient and vibrant. The city is an engine for entrepreneurial spirit and export, flourishing since Roman times and also a magnet for innovation, arts, culture, business, science and technology. Higher education, research and innovation play a crucial role on supporting social cohesion, economic growth and global competitiveness.
KCLAS is affiliated college of Bharathiar University, a state university in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India.
Named after Tamil poet Subramania Bharathiar, the university was established in February 1982 under the provision of Bharathiar University Act, 1981 (Act 1 of 1982) and was recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1985. Bharathiar University is ranked 20 overall in India by National Institutional Ranking Framework of 2018 and 13 among universities.
Within the framework of the partnership with the TAKORAMA festival, KCLAS ensures the communication and promotion of the festival in India and in Tamil countries such as the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


Official website of CIMA
Created in 2006, CIMA is the ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN ON FILM AND AUDIOVISUAL MEDIA, a professional association whose aim is to promote an egalitarian presence of filmmakers and professionals, contributing to a balanced and realistic representation of women inside the content that our field offers. All CIMA activities, initiatives and events are based on promoting and advancing on gender equity on women on film and television in Spain and according to goal 5 of UN Sustainable Goals and 2030 Agenda.
These initiatives are organized all over Spain territory, including Canary Islands, in collaboration with European Union programs and Spanish Institutions.
As a part of the partnership with TAKORAMA Festival, CIMA ensures the communication and promotion of the film festival in Spain.

The Youth Café

Official website of The Youth Café
The Youth Café is a not-for-profit youth organization based in Kenya. The Youth Café was launched in 2012 by a group of bright and motivated young people. Together they devised the model that The Youth Café utilizes today.
One of the focus areas highlighted in the Theory of Change is Education and Skills. The Youth Café aspires to provide high quality education and training systems, that are efficient and that facilitate young people’s access and integration.
The Youth Cafés mission is to enrich the lives of young people and advance youth-led approaches toward achieving sustainable development, social equity, innovative solutions, community resilience, and transformative change.
Through our collaboration with Takorama, we hope to harness the skills and apply the knowledge from both organizations to build an educated society.
The Youth Café will act as the on-site partners and utilize its network to promote the 2021 Children’s Film Festival in Kenya and throughout Africa.
Link:  Contact:

Irbid National University

Official website of The Irbid National University
Irbid National University (INU) is an independent institution of higher education to transmit and perpetuate Jordan, as well as to serve the general community in keeping with the historic of Jordan's commitment to intellectual inquiry, the transmission of knowledge, social justice, and service to society.
Irbid National University (INU) was founded in 1991. Its leaders were very eager to participate in development, knowledge improvement initiatives established for youth and the society, as well as become a major university entrepreneurial force in Jordan and the Middle East.
INU's goals are to provide the highest level of service to the university community, to be fair and to preserve the dignity and freedom of all.
As part of the partnership with the TAKORAMA festival, INU participates in the communication of the film festival not only in Jordan but also to Arab media and ministries of education of Arab governments as well as ministries of media, culture and children.

Center for Media and Information Literacy

Official website of the CMIL
Center for Media and Information Literacy (CMIL) was established in 2012 at the Klein College of Media and Communication, Temple University, United States, as a hub for research, outreach, education, and professional development on issues involving media literacy and information literacy locally, nationally, and internationally. The Center for Media and Information Literacy provides tools for educators and the media industry to advance critical analysis, use and creation of quality media content.
The work of the CMIL is strategically aligned around three areas, scholarship, media industry and community service.
Within the framework of the partnership with the TAKORAMA festival, CMIL participates in the communication of the film festival in North America.

Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda

Official website of UGCommonwealth
Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda (CPAUG) #UGCommonwealth was founded in 2005 with the objective to promote the Commonwealth Charter 2013 and the Values in Uganda. It’s a member based Association and works closely with different stakeholders in and outside Uganda from Government MDAs, civil society, educational institutions and development partners.
Key programme activities are; Consumer protection (rights awareness); ICT4D promotion (access & usage), health promotion (prevention, rights and responsibilities, road safety), #STEM4Girls; environmental protection and climate change; information sharing and policy reform.
CPAUG held the first ever Uganda Parental Forum #UGAPAF in 2015 and works with key civil society actors like the Uganda National NGO Forum as a founding member to the National CSO Fair concept that aims at making sure the civil society comes together to showcase their development initiatives through workshops and exhibitions. Since 2008, CPAUG havs been undertaking several community engagements focusing on the youth in and out of school to discuss and share information on key national and global development themes.
Within the framework of the partnership with the TAKORAMA festival, CPAUG participates in the communication of the film festival in Uganda.
Contact: Mr. Kiapi K. Frederick, executive director:


Official website of PAMIL
The Philippine Association for Media and Information Literacy (PAMIL) Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit professional organization of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) educators, trainers, advocates, and practitioners who are committed to promote MIL as a lifelong learning skill in a knowledge-based economy and media-saturated Filipino society.
Within the framework of the partnership with the TAKORAMA festival, PAMIL participates in the communication of the film festival in Philippines.

Consulat Général de France in Recife, Brazil

Official website of Consulat Général de France, Recife
The TAKORAMA festival benefits from the financial support of the Consulat Général de France in Recife in the framework of its development in Brazil and in particular in the state of Pernambuco.

Many thanks

Translations of the festival pages

We thank all the volunteers without whom we could not have translated the pages of the festival.
The edition of the 2021 festival is available in 20 languages thanks to their precious help.

Apolline Sordet and Howard Kingston for the English version.
Makiko Aoki for the Japanese version.
Jonathan Goor for the Hebrew version.
Julie Staub for the Spanish version.
Irene Andriopoulou of EKOME for the Greek version.
Liana Vila Nova for the Portuguese version.
Julie Levy and Matija Peric for the Italian version.
Julie Staub for German version.
Viktoria Ponochovna for the Russian version.
Eva Levy and Svetlana Savyshchenko for the Ukrainian version.
Anna Maria Horváth for the Hungarian version.
Jan Chovjka for Czech version.
Darjan for the Slovenian version.
Livia Davì for the Arabic version.
Andri Santoso for the Hindi version.
E.T for the Bengali version.
E.T for the Swahili version.
Andri Santoso for the Indonesian version.

Translations of the pedagogical sheets

We thank all the volunteers without whom we could not have translated the pedagogical sheets.

Apolline Sordet, Clarisse Stefanello, Élodie Gully Grosser, Juliette Fleury, Sarah Turner, Émeline Page, Anastasia Segui Goldenberg and Julie Staub for the English version.
Kseniya Mudrakova for the Russian version.
Louba Grouvel for the Spanish version.
Liana Vila Nova for the Portuguese version.
Justin Taiyo Meyer and Makiko Aoki for the Japanese version.

Festival website

Many thank to Antoine Chalubert for the festival website.

UNESCO UNESCO MIL Alliance Education for justice, UNODC Réseau Canopé CITIA 3-6-9-12 Institut français Films pour enfants

Consulat Général de France in Recife Irbid National University The Youth Café EKOME NEMOLCHI NexSchools CIMA CMIL Commonwealth Peoples’ Association of Uganda PAMIL Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science